Woolton High School Attendance Statement

The government have again launched the persistent absenteeism agenda to help to improve attendance across all schools in the country, Woolton High School will be working to implement this agenda to help to us improve our own overall attendance figures.

This will mean that any pupil who falls under the recommended overall 90% for their attendance, or misses seven sessions (3.5 days) in school will immediately be referred to the pupil attendance Education Welfare Service and could face legal action and even prosecution.

It is essential you ensure that your son/daughter attends school every day or that you notify us promptly if he is unwell and unable to attend school. If he is absent for more than 5 days this will need to be supported with medical evidence from your GP. Authorised absences also contribute to overall attendance and therefore it is important for your child to attend school unless advised otherwise.

The School attendance policy states that no pupils will be granted permission for holidays during term time as this would be recorded as an unauthorised absence and result in a referral to the Pupil Attendance Education Welfare Service and a possible fine.

If your child’s attendance falls below the recommended 90%, they will be placed onto our Attendance Monitoring list, which means you are required to attend meetings at school every half term to discuss the reason for the absence and this could also result in a referral to the Pupil Attendance Education Welfare Service.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support in this matter.

Should you require any further information regarding attendance, please contact the school office.