At Woolton High School Careers is a vital part of the school curriculum. It gives students hope and ambition and provides them with the knowledge to succeed in their future. Careers is delivered to years 7-11 with the aim of all students gaining as many realistic and engaging opportunities as possible during their time at the school. Careers is designed for all students to have outcomes that link to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. This will ensure that all students receive a wide range of experiences which allow them to realise their true potential.

Years 7 and 8 will follow ASDAN’s Employability Skills and Development Curriculum. This will introduce students to careers and begin to develop their understanding.

Years 9-11 will follow BTEC’s Workskills curriculum. This will cover a number of topics that relate directly to employment whilst also helping students have a better understanding of the opportunities in both education and the workplace after Year 11.